Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shrug !

Last weekend I went away for a short break. The DH had booked a surprise minicruise to Denmark. Just 2 nights aboard ship and about 5 hours to walk around Esberg. We had a brilliant time - which , of course, included some knitting. I had been planning to make the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet by Julesy from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky that I got in the John Lewis sale last January ever since I bought it. At last it is a reality...It took about two and a half balls . I like Cashmerino a lot - it is very soft. I like this shrug pattern as it is simple and effective. I may well make more of these. It is currently blocking and all it needs now is a pretty brooch to fasten it. Meanwhile, the simple lace stitch shrug from Designer One Skein Wonders is about to get frogged. I found the pattern largely incomprehensible and have ended up with with the lace pattern looking not as I would like. I am torn between giving up and starting again having learnt what I want to change from the first attempt.
My favourite finished object this week is the Noro Kureyon Long Stocking Cap. The pattern is by Nathalie Godbout and is available free on the net. I modified it slightly by knitting 15 rows between decrease rows instead of 19. This was an attempt to squeeze it out of 2 balls of Kureyon. I ended up buying another ball to finish the last inch and make a lovely big tassel. I love this hat. I immediately cast on another one which is or a Christmas present. This one will be slightly longer as I'm going to follow the pattern as written. There are so many fabulous hat patterns available for free. The Jackyll and Hyde balaclava from Knitty is one of my favourites at the moment. I am nearly finished one of these for a Christmas present. Just the mouth to embroider. I love the way it looks like a smart cosy hat and then pulls down into a hilarious scary ski mask. Another free pattern that I whipped up one day last week is this Robin's Egg Blue Hat. I used some of the Colinette One Zero that I bought at the Knit and Stitch Show in October. It took less than one skein. I am not too happy with the black button and am planning a trip to Hobbycraft to purchase a nice green one later today. I think that this wasn't the ideal yarn for this pattern as the seed stitch gets a bit lost in the thick and thin texture and variegated colourway. It is still a great hat though. Finally, here is a picture of Miss Millie disguised as her hero, Clare the Bear. She looks so grown up now.