Friday, November 19, 2010


I am loving the Twinkie Chan patterns for foodie accessories. They are a whole lot of fun to make and to wear. I finished the Cupcake Scarf in a couple of days - yes, even the sewing up! The cake bases were a cheap acrylic that I already had in my stash and the icing is Sirdar Snowflake Chunky. Not sure what the cherries were made from but it was in my stash and was exactly the shade of red that I wanted. I haven't decided yet whether I should sew on some sprinkles. I checked out Hobbycraft and couldn't find any suitable beads. I must have some lying around somewhere.
I like the scarf so much that I thought I'd make the Cupcake Hat to go with it. The cake part is the same acrylic that I used for the scarf. The lovely pink top is Yarnfair Double Knitting, an acrylic yarn that I bought in Wilkinsons for £1.19. I wil be able to get at least 3 cake tops out of the one ball, so that is a bargain. Lately I have been coming around to the idea of acrylic yarn. It is really cheap and comes in some amazing colours. Twinkie Chan uses it a lot to great effect. I used a 4.5 mm hook for this one and it came out about the right size for Millie.
As it was such a quick crochet, I started another one using a 5.5 mm hook. Although the yarn is dk, it worked up as a really nice firm fabric. I love the shape of this hat. Although it is really simple with no shaping as such, when you put it all together it makes a really effective muffin shape. I took apart an old kids necklace and used some of the beads for sprinkles, because everything's better with sprinkles!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slippers and cowls and a puppy

Cosy accessories have been the order of the day here lately. I have been eyeing up the many gorgeous versions of Tiny Owl Knits' Amy March Slippers. It is a free pattern that I found on Ravelry -where else! Tiny Owl has designed lots of unbearably cute patterns, including the fabulous Deer with Antlers Hat of which I am so fond. Having read that the slippers can be knitted from a single ball of Rowan Big Wool, I though I might just squeeze a pair out of the almost a ball left over from my Tess Cardigan. Alas! There was enough for about one and half slippers. I don't want to spend another £7.95 for just a few more metres of yarn. A friend from Knitting Club reckons she migh have some scraps left over from a snood - fingers crossed !
I liked the single slipper so much that got stuck in with another pair straight away. This time it is Sirdar Denim Ultra, which I liked a lot. It's very soft and comfortable but a bit splitty when knitting. It's knitted on 6mm circular needles which gives a good firm fabric. Choosing the ribbon and lace ties for these was the best bit.
Just after finishing the Denim ultra pair, I found a single ball of Big Wool in a charity shop for 50p. Yay! What a bargain. I have wasted no time in making up another pair of slippers. I really do love these. There will be more. I can knit a pair in an evening so they are an ideal last minute gift.
Everyone loved the Deer hat that I made for Bear's birthday and I have enjoyed making several more versions, including a baby Deer. It just makes me smile.
I got my lovely knitting friend here to model the dark brown Lamb's Pride version in a woodland setting for me. Exceedingly cute!
The Incognito Cowl from has turned out to be a big success . The first one finished up perfect size for Millie and she seems to like it.
I made a slightly larger one for me with some Cashmerino Aran that I found hiding in my enormous stash. I cast on 80 stitches - next time I would probably cut that to about 72 as one doesn't want one's disguise slipping.
Searching through the enormous stash I came across the huge bag of Jaeger Fur that was once a grizzly bear costume - well , actually, it was really a coat that just didn't work and got frogged. I knitted two lovely snuggly keyhole scarves in record time. Considering making a big fur hat to go with them. Maybe all that fur was good buy after all.
Speaking of fur...
We promised Millie a puppy a while ago and have been looking around for the perfect addition to the family. Today we went to see this totally adorable little Yorkie. He is just 6 weeks old and not quite ready to leave his Mum yet - but when he is, he is coming home with us!!! Can't wait.
I was excited to receive my copy of the amazing Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies earlier this week. I have been looking forward to this for ages - it is just so much fun. I had to start a Cupcake Scarf immediately. I am using a cheap acrylic from the market for the cake bases and some chunky Sirdar Snowflake for the yummy fluffy icing. These little cakes are flying off the hook! I am not looking forward to all the sewing up but am keen to see the finished scarf.