Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little things

Lots of knitting and crochet going on over the last week or so. A few bits and pieces for my Blythe doll turned out quite well. I started out with some easy little beanie hats...
Then I progressed to the knitted coat - free pattern from Knitty. I was pleased with how this turned out but just can't find a small enough button to suit it. The search goes on.
I tried a simple top down raglan cardigan for Blythe next. I used size 2.5mm needles and Cygnet Wool Rich 4Ply from my sock yarn stash. I really like the finished cardi and will be making more of these for my girl. The top down method works really well for this sort of project. It minimises seaming and you can check the fit as you go along. I'd seen some lovely knitted doll dresses on Etsy and decided to have a go at making my own. It's almost done and looking quite cute.
The Gorgeous Corsage from Crocheted Accessories is one of my favourite flower brooch patterns. I have made up several of these and they all look really pretty. They are very simple to make but look quite special.
These Pocketbook Slippers knitted up in no time. I used some of my own handspun and am quite pleased with the results. The slippers probably look better in a more even textured yarn but they are still cute and cosy. A great way to use up an odd ball of wool.
I took a trip to Hobbycraft last week and picked up a scarf kit in the sale. I liked the colours and the wild fringing. This knitted up in about 2 hours on 8mm needles.
I am a big fan of Afya Ibomu and her books. I recently purchased Fly Tops and Funky Flavas, her latest offering, from Amazon. She is a crochet goddess ! The patterns are simple to follow but turn out so stylish and trendy. Her instructions are very clear and she encourages you to experiment with colours and adapt patterns to suit you. Since buying Afya's first book, Hip Hats and Cool Caps, I have become a fan of acrylic yarn. Yes, really ! I picked up a ball of cheap acrylic in this great colourway from Watford Market last week and have nearly finished a stunning pair of Nuff Gluvs. They are great.

I haven't done any more work on Zara from Rowan's Bigger Picture yet. The back is done and it won't take long once I get back into it. I'm liking the look of it so far.
Next week will probably be about more hats. Just can't get enough of hat knitting these days. I ordered Woolly Wormhead's new book "Going Straight" and it should be arriving any day. It has a terrific selection of hats knitted on straight needles. Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


December largely involved frantic knitting to try and finish all my Christmas gifts. Everything just about got finished and all the gifts were well received. Unfortunately, in my rush to complete everything I forgot to take photographs of several items. A lovely scarf knit from 3 balls of Rowan Big wool went to my sister - hopefully , I can get a pic of it sometime. It knitted up in 2 evenings and looked warm and trendy. Also, 2 crocheted flower corsages got wrapped and gifted without a photo. I was really proud of these as they looked fabulous. I had seen something similar in Loop when I went there last month. They were charging about £35 each. Being a knitter/crocheter, I do understand that there is a lot of skill and time involved in making these things. But, I also know that I can make one just as beautiful for next to nothing. I intend to make several more, so there should be a pic soon.
I finally finished the embroidery on the Jackyll and Hyde ski mask. It looks hilarious. I am reliably informed that my nephew loves it.
For Clare the Bear, I whipped up another Colinette Fandango Boa. The pattern is from their booklet Artyfacts. I've made many of these. It takes just one skein of Fandango and is a brilliant way to try out the fantastic Colinette colourways.
The Bear asked me to make her a couple of pairs of simple fingerless mittens to give as presents. This is a pattern that I bought from the knitting stall on Watford market - can't remember the details. I have made a few pairs and adapted it a bit to use up scraps of yarn. They don't look much until you put them on. When worn they are really cute.
Using scraps seemed like a good idea, so I dug out some yarn in toning colours to make this fun beret. The pattern is the Multicoloured Beret from Handknit Style. I saw a couple of versions made up on Ravelry. It looks very different according to the colours and textures that you use. I recommend this pattern. It's fun to make, uses up leftover yarn and looks great. I want to make many more versions of this.
The hat obsession shows no sign of subsiding. I had a couple of balls of SWTC Oasis, the lovely bamboo yarn, that I picked up in a sale. I decided to try it out on the free crochet hat pattern on Interweave Crochet's website. The result is very pleasing. It was a quick easy pattern and a pretty little hat. I think it is called the Lace Cap and is by Kim Werker.
Also finished in December was the black Punk's Not Dead Hat for David at work. It took almost 2 balls of Lamb's Pride Bulky. It had been waiting to be felted for several weeks. I am never disappointed with this pattern. The hat looks fabulous. David loved it.
I had been admiring the cute, photogenic Blythe dolls that seem to be so popular with bloggers for ages. So, I was thrilled to receive one for Christmas from Karen. She is called Mod Molly and is just lovely. I never really considered myself a "doll" person but these girls have totally won me over. I have been experimenting with tiny hats for Molly and made a couple of simple beanies before discovering that the Bunny pattern from Get Your Crochet On makes a perfect beret. I've also sewn a couple of supercute dresses using patterns downloaded on the internet. I see many miniature jumpers, cardigans and hats on the knitting horizon.
I almost forgot - I started a jumper in Rowan Big Wool. The back is done and then it got put on hold until the Christmas presents were done. I'll dig it out again some time this week. Christmas and New Year were a lot of fun in our house. Miss Millie is very happy with the Wii that Santa brought for her. It is surpringly fun.