Monday, August 09, 2010

Going green

So I finally got around to finishing off this lovely mohair cardigan from Feminine Knits. It fits perfectly and is just about everything I had hoped it would be. 8 balls of Patons Misty , used double, have knitted up into a soft, fluffy , warm garment. The yarn came from Kemps Wools, so it was a real bargain too.
Also from Kemps, this Stylecraft Sirocco has knitted up beautifully. Sirocco is a cotton and linen yarn which is a bit harsh on the fingers when you are working with it but makes a lovely garment that feels pretty comfortable to wear. The colour is "pampas", a light green. The pattern was one I came across on Ravelry - the wonderful Sage Remedy Top. This top was great to knit. Just enough lace to keep it interesting and some stocking stitch to make it a quick knit. It also fits in all the right places and is slightly looser around the middle where you don't want it to cling. I like it so much that I am planning two more versions. I cast on tonight with some Patons Vintage and have another pack of Sirocco in a gorgeous purple shade for when that is finished.
I'm still enjoying making toys. I recently bought a copy of "Babes in the Wool" by Fiona McDonald, which I had seen reviewed online and liked the look of. My first effort has turned out quite well - although I haven't finished her face yet. A coat for the babe is half knitted and she really needs a skirt too. It was a reasonably enjoyable project so far but I always dislike fiddly sewing up. Not sure how long it will take me to finish her.