Monday, December 05, 2011

Happy Hexapuffs

I finally got around to purchasing the fabulous pattern for the "Beekeeper's Quilt" by the wonderful Tiny Owl Knits.  Since it was published knitters seem to have gone crazy for this simple but incredibly beautiful idea.  The quilt consists of hundreds of tiny stuffed hexagons that are tied together at the corners. Each "hexapuff is about 3 inches across, so it will take lots and lots to make a decent sized quilt.  They are fun to make and the designer suggests that you treat it as an ongoing take-along project that you work on in spare moments such as when queuing or waiting for a train. They are knitted from leftover scraps of sock yarn or 4 ply and the more colours you can throw in the better.  There are even tiny chart available for intarsia designs that you can work into them. This is my tiny pile of hexapuffs so far.  Many more to go!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Killer Sweater

Anyone who has watched the fabulous Danish thriller "The Killing" on television knows that Sarah Lund's sweater is a star in it's own right. The second series briefly features a new design - a red sweater with a textured snowflake design on the yoke. The Radio Times published a pattern for a similar "tribute sweater" and it has caused quite stir. I have chosen to knit it in double stranded  Drops Alpaca. Mainly because the aran weight yarn had sold out in red - could this be a coincidence? So far I have completed the body and one sleeve.  It is easy knitting.  I am looking forward to getting to the patterned yoke.  I expect to see a lot of these sweaters around this winter. Of course, I still would love to make the original chunky sweater from Series 1.

Also finished is my sparkly sequined wrap.  The yarn was purchased from Yarn Paradise, a shop I found on Ebay, at a real bargain price. The yarn is soft and has plenty of sequins on it.  It took less than 3 balls to make this huge fluffy wrap as I knitted it on size 10mm needles for a light airy look.  It can also be scrunched up and worn as a scarf.  I love this!

I have been having a real love affair with Drops yarn lately.  It is top quality and about half the price of other yarns. My new favourite yarn store "Nest" in Crouch End stocks some of the Drops range and so I have added a few balls to my stash.  The Alpaca Boucle is just about the nicest, softest yarn ever and is destined to become a snuggly poncho.  Drops also has an online pattern database and they are all free.  Eskimo is the superchunky single yarn that comes in a great range of colours and it took just 2 balls to make these simple slippers. I got the pattern from the Drops website and just made up the flower to use up the scraps.  It is always important to remember that knitted slippers stretch when you wear them. Despite going for a snug fit  I may have to a thread some elastic around the tops to keep them on.
Little Alfie loves these slippers - or is it my feet!
I have wanted to crochet some cacti for ages and finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately this project involves a lot of finishing - embroidering flowers, stuffing and sewing on cacti, brushing the yarn to make it fluffy.
As always, it takes me a while to get around to doing my least favourite part of a project.  Anyway ,I did manage to finish the small single plant...  
Finally, I think I have found the perfect sweater pattern for my husband.  There is something about it - perhaps it is the way it is being modelled...