Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A quick update

This week hasn't been quite as knitting intensive as last week. I've been really tired and most of my spare time has been spent on assembling my new spinning wheel. At this point I just need to put the brake cord and the band on and then it's ready to go. I can't wait but didn't want to do this bit when I was feeling tired. I had trouble posting pictures on Blogger last week so the Feza Premier sideways scarf is a little late in making an appearance on my blog - although it has been looking stunning on the One Skein Blog ! I absolutely loved working with this yarn. It was my July skein from my One Skein Secret Pal and I am so pleased to have been introduced to it. There is definitely more of it in my knitting future. This month's copy of Simply Knitting has a hat pattern using a single skein of Feza which looks pretty good. I couldn't resist buying a couple of balls of Rowan Tapestry and am considering making more leg warmers with it. The ball of Symphony is probably going to be a cheap version of the One Skein Cravat. I am actually having difficulty in deciding what to do next as there are so many projects on my list. The Sweetpea Cardigan was coming along great until it came to sewing up time. I discovered that I had lost my gauge and made the sleeves too small to fit in the armholes - they will have to be frogged and crocheted again with a larger hook. How annoying.

Monday, August 21, 2006

A good week for FOs...Part two !

Here are the pics of the scrap scarf. It is quite spectacular in person and I am not sure that I will wear it out - but I think I know someone who could carry it off well. It is a bit hippy looking. Not that I mind looking a bit like an old hippy. I just think it may be more of a young hippy
thing. Anyway it looks very decorative draped over the mirror in my room. I whipped up a One Skein Scarf and matching beanie for someone I work with. It took just under a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in camouflage colours. I don't usually like acrylic yarn but this stuff is actually quite nice. It's thick and soft and comes in good colours. It also is cheap and goes a really long way

My really exciting news this week is that I have finally taken the plunge and invested in a spinning wheel. I bought an Ashford Traveller from a lovely lady that sells on Ebay and through her website called The Alpaca Spinner. Linzi was very helpful and always willing to give advice and encouragement. I really got the feeling that she loves spinning and is happy to share her enthusiasm. She also sent some fabulous alpaca fibres for me to try out on the wheel as well as some more unusual stuff like soy fibre and silk. I have to assemble the wheel myself and have only had time to do about half of it. I hope to get a chance to try spinning by the weekend.Blogger is still not letting me post as many pictures as I would like so I will have to try again later with my Feza Premier scarf and progress on the Sweet Pea Cardigan for Millie. Altogether this last week has been very productive.

A good week for FOs...

This week has been a very good week for finishing things off . Firstly, I actually got around to making four of these little felted Ipod cosies. They flew off my needles - they were great fun. The striped ones were knit from some leftover Noro Kureyon which felts beautifully and the others from some scraps of Lambs Pride Worsted. One is totally complete with its button fastening but the other three are still auditioning suitable buttons. Next to be completed was the crochet One Button Bolero - a free pattern from the Moda Dea website ( ) I saw this made up on the Crafster website and had to have a go. I used about two and a half balls of Lion Cotton from my stash . At first I thought that the cotton might be a bit too heavy but I really like the way it looks finished. It only took three days to make this and I love the finished top. It's blocking at the moment and also waiting for a suitable button. I am considering making ties if I can't find a really nice button to go with it. Blocking has really opened up the lacey frill and made this top look fabulous. I hope it will be dry by this evening so I can take a modelled shot. I would consider making this again in a lighter yarn or maybe something a little sparkly like Patons Brilliant. It's not bad at all for a free pattern. Craftster is a great source of inspiration and another item that had caught my eye was a scarf made from hundreds of fabric strips. I got out my box of interesting fabrics and started cutting 1cm wide strips . Miss Millie really enjoyed helping me select colours and tie the lengths into a big ball. So much so that there may be another of these scarves in production soon. Blogger is not letting me upload any more pics at the moment so I will try to add some later. There is also another scarf and a scarf and hat set that got finished this week. Pics later this evening, hopefully !

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back to work

It was back to work this week - and luckily for me this actually means extra knitting time ! I took the opportunity to start another new project. I saw this short sleeved top on the Crafster site and as it was a free pattern decided to give it a go. I had 3 balls of Lion Brand Cotton in my stash that looked like they would be perfect. I finished the little cap sleeves this morning and now need to sew it up and add the decorative frilly edging. Having got this far I am wondering if it would have been better to use something slightly less stiff and more drapey. The Lion Cotton feels quite heavy. Oh well, it can always be frogged if necessary.
I also managed to put the final touches to the Fat Bottom Bag that I crocheted on holiday and am really pleased with it. I used Rowan Cotton Tape for the contrast yarn trim and a purchased lace flower pin. This is actually going to get used - it is pretty and practical. It was also fun to make so I might make a few more of these for presents. It took less than one ball of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to make this, so it was also a fairly cheap bag. The Bamboo handles were taken from a bag that I found in a junk shop. This is definitely the best way to get inexpensive handles - new ones are ridiculously priced. Some really hideous bags have fabulous handles and can be picked up for next to nothing. I'm all for recycling !
It also occurred to me that I had forgotten to post pictures of my finished In Bloom clutch bag. This is another pattern from the Happy Hooker book that worked up brilliantly. The book has turned out to be areally good buy as I've made about six items from it so far and have plans for several more. This must be a record for me as I only usually get to make one or two things from any book that I buy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thank you again Secret Pal

My fabulous One Skein Secret Pal has excelled herself - and I didn't think it could possibly be better than the first skein ! She sent the most beautiful skein of Feza Premier and I absolutely love it. It is made up from lengths of gorgeous novelty yarns knotted together and is amazing shades of green. I have recently been converted to novelty yarns after a lifetime of being a fiber snob. Having seen them used so effectively by talented knitters like Jane Thornley (check out her website ) I can see that they have a place in my yarn stash. I can't wait to knit this up into a scarf. Also included were some very beautiful stitch markers that my Pal had made herself. I can't wait to find out who my Pal is - she has made the most excellent choices for me. Thank you so much !

I have at last started on the White Lies Madeline Jacket and am enjoying it so far. It is knitted as a huge lacy circle and the sleeves are picked up and knitted in the round, so there is no sewing up. Hooray ! I hate sewing up. This is a really interesting construction and I cant wait to see the finished jacket. I really admire the White Lies designs and will try more if this works out well.