Saturday, July 28, 2012

You can never have too many shawls

This week I finished the Tussah Silk version of the Sweet November Shawl.  At first I was a bit disappointed with the way it was hanging but after a severe blocking it improved greatly.  The lace really opened up and it stretched into a very wearable shape. I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of Tussah Silk and doubt that I will use it again but am glad that I tried it.

The Belmondo Shawl is a pattern that I have been wanting to try for a while but couldn't decide which yarn to use.  After rummaging through my stash, I came across a pack of Patons Dew which is a nice silk/cotton/acrylic/viscose mix. I got this in a sale years ago.  So far it is knitting up nicely with just the right amount of drape.  The pattern is easy to memorize and quite effective.
Yet another Wiksten Tank in Liberty Tana Lawn.  This is such a simple project and I would be happy to have a hundred of them hanging in my wardrobe.  The simple design really shows of a beautiful fabric.

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Tova Top, Sweet November Shawl and Liberty Tana Lawn

After making two Wiksten Tanks I decided to try the other Wiksten pattern, the Tova Top. There are lots of fabulous examples of this top all over the internet.  I searched for it on Google and came up with  Tova Tops in many beautiful fabrics, including my favourite Liberty Tana Lawn.  I didn't want to commit my gorgeous Liberty fabric until I was sure that the style and size were right for me so I made a trial Tova in cheap fabric purchased from Watford Market. The pattern and instructions were very clear and simple to follow.  I managed to run up this cute top in an afternoon and am pleased to say that it fits perfectly. The trial Tova is very wearable but I am more excited about the prospect of making up the top in Liberty Tana Lawn.  I bought 3 metres of this wonderful fabric on Ebay recently for a very good price - it is a classic design called Betsy. The pieces are cut out and ready to sew.
  There was enough fabric to cut out another Wiksten Tank and I now feel that there is no such thing as too many of those.  I have already worn the first two many times despite the unseasonably cold weather we've been experiencing recently.  Still some fabric left, so I thought it would be perfect for the lining of a denim sunhat that I've been wanting to make.  The pattern is free on Martha Stewart's website, but be warned that the pattern download is rubbish.  The pieces weren't marked in any way and so it was like working out a puzzle trying to put them together right.  Eventually, I managed to assemble a crown, side and brim pattern.

 The fabric is cut and ready to sew. So now, I have two tops and a hat ready to make up and am looking forward to spending tomorrow at my sewing machine.
I am still working on my Menemsha Pullover but needed a simple project to knit as I watch Wimbledon this week, so I have started (and almost finished!) a Sweet November Shawl in Sublime Tussah Silk.  It should be ready to put the fringe on by tomorrow.