Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Eat My Scarf!

After finishing my Cupcake Scarf, I couldn't wait to try some more of the fun patterns from Twinkie Chan's new book. First up is the Pear Scarf, which isn't quite as juicy looking as Twinkie's scarf due to the fact that I only had dk yarn in my stash and the pattern calls for worsted weight. It has been hard to find worsted weight acrylic yarn in a good range of colours. I checked out the market, Hobbycraft and John Lewis and didn't really find the sort of thing I was wanting. Even online yarn stores haven't got the colours I want. If only Lion Brand had more outlets in the UK. Anyways, I found some dk acrylic and decided to go with that. I made most of the pears whilst watching X factor last Saturday. They were quick to make and the pattern was easy to remember after making a few. I discovered that I quite like doing surface crochet as I.. embellished the pears. I like the finished scarf a lot. It is not going to keep me warm but it looks great .
Having enjoyed making the pears, I moved straight on to the Cookie Scarf. Again, I couldn't find worsted weight acrylic so used dk that I already had in my stash. Because the cookies came out smaller I crocheted an extra round to get a decent size. I loved decorating the cookies - surface crochet is great fun! The finished scarf is lovely, really bright , fun and eyecatching.
The pattern I most wanted to make from Twinkie's book was the Gingerbread Scarf, which consists of a whole load of gingerbread men joined together. Finding a yarn in a ginger colour has proved almost impossible. You can get all shades of brown except the gingery one. I think the yarn in the book is a superchunky, so I was thinking of doubling up something thinner if I had to. Couldn't even find a thinner yarn to make the scarf , so have had to content myself with a single Gingie made from some scraps I found. I am going to sew a brooch pin onto his back and wear him proudly over christmas. Still looking for enough yarn to make the scarf.
Meanwhile, there is no stopping me and I have completed about half of the Salad Scarf - Twinkie's patterns are strangely addictive.
Last but not least, here's little Alfie...