Monday, May 23, 2011

May Flowers

Since I last posted, I have started my new job and have been quite tired. I never thought that I would feel too tired knit but the last couple of weeks have seen me retiring to bed without even picking up my needles on several occasions. I used to knit a lot during my working day in my previous job and quite miss that. So, I have been working on some small projects to give me the satisfying feeling that I have actually finished something. I am trying out various flowers and leaves and then combining them to make pretty brooches. The yarn I am using is Katia Degrade, which is a beautiful cotton with an interesting fadeout colour effect. I thought that would be ideal for making flowers in lots of different shades from just one ball of yarn. I love the way this has worked out. So far I have only got around to sewing together one of the brooches. Sewing up is never my favourite part of a project.
I purchased some more Stylecraft Kon Tiki yarn, a lovely cotton acrylic blend from Kemps Wools, with a view to making the tiered lace skirt from "Feminine Knits". I have wanted to make the skirt for ages so was disappointed to find that my yarn choice was not ideal. The Kon Tiki seemed slightly too soft and thick to produce the kind of skirt I was hoping for. After knitting about 3 lace repeats I decided to frog the skirt and use the yarn for a different project. Another pattern that I have been wanting to knit for some time is the Wakame Lace Tunic by Angela Hahn. I cast on and have completed about 5 repeats of the lace pattern for the lower body- so far so good.

I started to crochet the Skinny Dewdrop belt from Amy Butler's "River Camp Knits" several weeks ago using some Patons 100% Cotton from my stash. I got about half way with it and then got distracted by other things. It is quite boring with mainly plain double crochet for most of the project. I shall try to finish it soon.
Lately I've been seeing things on Ravelry made from tee shirt yarn or "tarn" as it is known. I decided to cut up a few old tee shirts that were too scruffy to wear any more and have a go. I produced just enough to make this small circular floor mat.
I enjoyed the process and would like to make more if I can find enough old shirts lying around.
Finally, here are a couple of pictures of our loveable little rascal. Alfie is loving being able to run around in the garden now that the weather is warmer. He likes to find a big stick, bring it into the house, then chew it to pieces and scatter it all over the floor. At least it distracts him from my wool!