Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick update...

This is my second Chica wrap / belt from Afya Ibomu's Fly Tops and Funky Flavas. I would really recommend this book as there are some simple but very wearable items in it. I used Elle Escapade which is acrylic and comes in some great colourways.

I finally got the extra ball of Noro Silk Mountain that was needed to finish the boucle cap. I love the finished cap and there is enough yarn left to make some mitts or a neck warmer to go with it. I had a couple of balls of a cheaper boucle yarn that I'd found in a thrift shop and made up another cap - slightly less baggy. This one was pretty good too - Clare the Bear has laid claim to it already. It's a nice pattern, from the Noro Designer Mini Knits book, and quick and easy to knit. I also really like boucle yarn.

I recently purchased Louisa Harding's Knitting Little Luxuries which is a lovely book full of great patterns . First up was two attempts at the Cecily beanie. It was really fun to decorate the beanies with buttons from my collection.

A couple of bags from the same book. These used up some stash yarn. Firstly, the single skein of Prism Kid Slique that I bought in New York last September at String. I like the way this turned out. The yarn is wonderful.
Secondly, I made up the lace bag from some Debbie Bliss Denim Aran. The knitting is finished but I haven't got around to lining it yet.
These Turkish Slippers were crochet as a birthday present for my friend Jenny. They took a day to make - I know this pattern really well and have made many pairs.

The Betty Wrap made up in no time and I am very pleased with it. I wasn't sure about my choices of colour at first but when it was finished I loved the overall effect.