Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scarves, bags and tops

Well, here are the pictures of my holiday knitting. I can't believe that I made so much. The Colinette Giotto drop stitch scarf is just lovely and so simple.I am considering using the last 2 skeins of Giotto in my stash to make a larger wrap sized version of this. The Colinette Fandango boa is a very satisfying knit and looks far nicer than similar items that I've seen for sale in the shops. This yarn is available in loads of awesome colourways, so I could see myself making a few more of these.

It was a bit disappointing to run out of yarn for the Giotto top but I think I will order more and finish it. I toyed with the idea of frogging it but then decided it was quite wearable and I love the colours.

The next two projects are crochet from Hapy Hooker. First, the Fat Bottomed Bag which needs handles and a trim. I enjoyed crocheting this - it was fast and easy and turned out pretty good.

This is my third version of the Garden Scarf and probably my favourite. For the other two I stuck with the same sort of colours used in the book. This time I used about one and a half balls of Noro Silk Garden and really love the effect.

We just arrived home this afternoon from a fabulous holiday in the Lake District. The weather was amazing and we just had the best time. We rented a flat in an old mill house in Kirby Lonsdale for the week. Despite going out every day I managed to do loads of knitting and crochet as we spent most evenings enjoying the view and the cooler evening air whilst sitting in the beautiful gardens. Little Millie had a great time... swimming in the river, playing in the garden and chasing sheep across the Dales.

I like to see this as an early interest in wool ! The DH and I had a really relaxing time too...He is convinced that I have a serious "knitting problem". Ha Ha ! As if ! He actually thought that I should put the needles down and relax. There is a complete failure to understand that the knitting is the most relaxing thing on earth. I had taken several small projects with me rather than one big one for a bit of variety. Over the week I managed to complete 3 scarves, a bag and almost all of a sleeveless top. I ran out of yarn towards the end of the top or that would have been finished too. First off the needles was a drop stitch scarf made from Colinette Giotto. It was just one skein so I cut the fringe before I started and then kept knitting until I ran out. The finished scarf drapes really well so I am quite pleased with it. Next was another Colinette Fandango boa which I plan to send to my One Skein Secret Pal - it is really soft and fluffy. I almost finished a sleeveless top in Giotto but ran out of yarn just before the end. After this I got out my crochet hooks and made a Fat Bottomed Bag and a Garden Scarf - both projects are from Happy Hooker. Blogger is being really slow at the moment so the knit pictures will have to wait until my next post.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Rose Filet Shawl

Over the last week or so, I have been mostly working on this Rose Filet shawl. It was a free pattern that I found when searching the net for something interesting to make with the large cone of yarn that I scored from the charity shop for £1. It is blocking at the moment but shouldn't take long to dry out in this weather so there should be a modelled shot soon. There is still about three quarters of the cone of yarn left so this is a real bargain. The rose doesn't show up nearly this much from close up so it was a bit disappointing - without the rose it is a very plain shawl. I was pleased to see it standing out so well in the photos that I took of it blocking and hope it shows up from a distance when worn. This was my first try at filet crochet so at least I learnt something new.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Colorwaves Topper is not the tops....

After just three evenings the Colorwaves Topper was completed... and I hate it ! It looked more like a jacket in the picture but it is too short at the back and sides and far too wide. The colours are great, the texture is wonderful and the crochet was enjoyable but the style is just awful. I think that it is totally unwearable. But wait...

My lovely niece, Clare the Bear, has thrown it on in a shruglike way and looks totally fabulous. What style that girl has ! What could I do but save the whole project by giving it to her. While visiting, Bear also scored about 30 pairs of assorted sizes of knitting needles for about £2 from our local charity shop - what luck ! She has recently learnt to knit and you should check out her blog too.
In need of some instant finished object gratification I quickly whipped up a small crochet clutch bag from a ball of Lamb's Pride worsted that was in my stash. I liked it so much that I made another from the Cotton Fleece left over from the Green Gable top. They just need sewing up, lining and embellishing - might get around to that at the weekend.

Meanwhile, I can't resist this gorgeous picture of Miss Millie picking strawberries last Sunday. She is far sweeter than the strawberries were !