Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Phoebe - you are a disappointment

Well, Phoebe has finished blocking and sadly I am not so pleased with it as it makes me look enormous. It is completely unflattering when worn - at least by me. I so loved this jacket when I saw it in the pattern book and I did really enjoy the crochet. I am just glad that I didn't fork out a fortune on yarn. I will have to find someone to give it to.
I loved this little scarf in Vogue Knitting Crocheted Scarves Two the moment I saw it. It worked up really quickly in Rowan Wool Cotton and is very cute.
I liked the finished scarf so much that I bought another ball of Wool Cotton in black and, using the green and pink left over from the cream version, have nearly finished another one .
Also almost finished is this little bunny from Lucinda Guy's " And So To Bed..." . I've never knitted toys before and enjoyed this project. All that remains is to sew up the bunny's clothes and dress it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another productive week

First up this week we have the Lacy Scalloped Wrap, which was a free pattern that I found online. I can't remember where, but I'll post the link when I find the pattern again. I used three strands of Cygnet Aran to make a superchunky weight and it worked up quite well - not too expensive either. I plan to make this again, it was super easy and quick.
Still enjoying the crochet, I made a couple of these cute vase/pot holders from Rowan 41. You can get at least two of them out of a 50g ball of dk cotton, so they are great for using up odds and ends.
Also from Rowan 41 is Esme, this beautiful crochet halter top. I'm using Rowan 4ply cotton in the same colour as that used in the pattern. Not very imaginative but it just looked so perfect. This project is perfect for work. I like the way you can put crochet down and pick it up again later without losing your place in the pattern.
Phoebe is almost finished. Just a few ends to sew in. I am disappointed. For some reason I decided to give the jacket a really good blocking. What I should have given it was a light spraying and then pinned it out. Yes, you've guessed it, it is now huge ! All that chunky wool soaked up water like a sponge then seemed reluctant to give it up. It took ages to dry out properly. It feels more like a coat than a jacket now. I will try to get some modelled shots for my next post. I'm glad that I didn't spend a fortune on the yarn for this one - but then again, maybe the recommended yarn wouldn't have behaved like this. I did enjoy the crochet very much. It looked as if it was working up into a very wearable garment.
Also finished this week was another big shawl in Patons Fizz, identical in design to the green one that I made last month. It was a birthday gift for a friend and I totally forgot to take pictures of it before wrapping it up and giving it away. I also crocheted a small bag in Rowan denim which is awaiting a few stitches to attach the handles.
I leave you with a picture of my favourite girls, Miss Millie and Clare the Bear...

Aren't they beautiful !