Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Killing Sweater!

 Well, I finished it! This is me doing my best Sarah Lund pose in my fabulous new sweater. It is a very close copy of the one Lund wears for most of Series III. The yarn and pattern came from Scandinavian Knitting Design - they also have a pattern for the chevron design from the first three episodes. Very tempting! I enjoyed doing the colourwork and am very pleased with the garment.
The Jan Sweater was knitted up ages ago but lay in the basket waiting to be sewn up for months. I am so glad that I finally got around to it.  This is a lovely design and a very good fit.  The Drops Baby Alpaca Silk yarn works well with the design. It is a good fit and very soft.

Yet another Belmondo shawl. This time it is knitted from a single skein of Manos de Urugauy Silk Blend. The colours are beautiful and it feels so soft and silky.
These little Holly Leaf pins are for little Christmas gifts.  They don't take long to make and are very cute.  I am using Rowan Fine Tweed as the colours and texture seemed just perfect for a slightly rustic look.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Crochet neckwarmer of many colours

 I am really proud of this spectacular moebius loop neckwarmer!  It was a free pattern on the Drops website that I fell in love with as soon as it appeared. It took a while to track down the Drops Delight yarn in this colourway (10) but I eventually managed to lay hands on some.  This colourway provides the most contrast within each ball and gives a really great overall effect.  It was really easy to make - took about a week. I had enough yarn left to make the matching hat, which is a fairly slouchy beanie style.
If I can get hold of any more of this yarn I would love to make the handwarmers that go with it.  Drops yarn is amazing as it is really cheap and such great quality.

The new series of Danish crime thriller The Killing started a few weeks ago and I am completely gripped both by the plot and Sarah Lund's latest sweater. As luck would have it, Scandinavian Knitwear Design have come up with a copycat pattern for this traditional Faroese style sweater and are also able to supply the perfect wool to knit up your very own Killing sweater.  I have opted to make it in dark blue and cream - much the same as Lund's.  It is knitting up quickly and I would hope to be wearing it when I watch the concluding episodes in a couple of weeks. Sadly , the pattern seems to have lost something in translation and doesn't entirely make sense so I am having to work out a few issues as I knit.
Finished and being worn is the Curio sweater that I knitted from the Patons Misty that had been hiding in my stash for years. This yarn was super cheap and makes an acceptable substitute for Kidsilk Aura when held double. The style of the sweater is very simple with minimal shaping but it looks quite good on and is very warm and soft. A success!
I have knitted the Lady Detective Hat from Mel Clarke's "Knit Two Together" several times before and very much like the shape of it.  When My friend from work asked me to knit her a hat with a brim I remembered this pattern and though it would be perfect.  I used Patons Colourworks Aran held double - being careful to try and match up the colour runs.