Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Phoebe - you are a disappointment

Well, Phoebe has finished blocking and sadly I am not so pleased with it as it makes me look enormous. It is completely unflattering when worn - at least by me. I so loved this jacket when I saw it in the pattern book and I did really enjoy the crochet. I am just glad that I didn't fork out a fortune on yarn. I will have to find someone to give it to.
I loved this little scarf in Vogue Knitting Crocheted Scarves Two the moment I saw it. It worked up really quickly in Rowan Wool Cotton and is very cute.
I liked the finished scarf so much that I bought another ball of Wool Cotton in black and, using the green and pink left over from the cream version, have nearly finished another one .
Also almost finished is this little bunny from Lucinda Guy's " And So To Bed..." . I've never knitted toys before and enjoyed this project. All that remains is to sew up the bunny's clothes and dress it.


BrownPants said...

Oh no, that's awful! It looks like you've domne a fantastic job though (the scowl on your face cracks me up!) I'm sure someone will be very happy!

Skein Queen said...

Oh my goodness. Just scrolling through and came across your Bella Bunny. I've just finished putting my attempt on my blog. My daughter loves her. Yours looks gorgeous.

Angela said...

Your scarf turned out fantastic. Just like the book. I fell in love with it, too, but was stopped at the rosebuds, which I just couldn't figure out. I love the colors of the second one, too.