Friday, September 14, 2007

Errata and hats

Just a quick update as I'm of to New York tomorrow ! Yes, New York ! It's just for 5 days but I can't wait. I was trying to finish the Short Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing from Fitted Knits to take with me. Unfortunately, I encountered an error on the sleeves and haven't time to fix it. I have searched the web to see if anyone else came up with this but it certainly isn't on the official Errata list for this book. I had started the Spicy Tee jumper from Fitted Knits and came across an error there too so started again with the Short Sleeved Cardigan. Very annoying. No time to fix it until I get back from New York. The Colinette Prism is looking quite good so I will probably persevere with the pattern.I am also half way through the Morehouse Merino Dragon Scarf.
I've wanted to make this for some time and finally sent for the kit. It is a fun knit. The spikes look great.

Another hat from Get Your Crochet On ! Since taking this picture I decided that it looked better without the brim and frogged back to the beret. It took a couple of balls of Rowan Calmer and a 5 mm hook.

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