Saturday, November 13, 2010

Slippers and cowls and a puppy

Cosy accessories have been the order of the day here lately. I have been eyeing up the many gorgeous versions of Tiny Owl Knits' Amy March Slippers. It is a free pattern that I found on Ravelry -where else! Tiny Owl has designed lots of unbearably cute patterns, including the fabulous Deer with Antlers Hat of which I am so fond. Having read that the slippers can be knitted from a single ball of Rowan Big Wool, I though I might just squeeze a pair out of the almost a ball left over from my Tess Cardigan. Alas! There was enough for about one and half slippers. I don't want to spend another £7.95 for just a few more metres of yarn. A friend from Knitting Club reckons she migh have some scraps left over from a snood - fingers crossed !
I liked the single slipper so much that got stuck in with another pair straight away. This time it is Sirdar Denim Ultra, which I liked a lot. It's very soft and comfortable but a bit splitty when knitting. It's knitted on 6mm circular needles which gives a good firm fabric. Choosing the ribbon and lace ties for these was the best bit.
Just after finishing the Denim ultra pair, I found a single ball of Big Wool in a charity shop for 50p. Yay! What a bargain. I have wasted no time in making up another pair of slippers. I really do love these. There will be more. I can knit a pair in an evening so they are an ideal last minute gift.
Everyone loved the Deer hat that I made for Bear's birthday and I have enjoyed making several more versions, including a baby Deer. It just makes me smile.
I got my lovely knitting friend here to model the dark brown Lamb's Pride version in a woodland setting for me. Exceedingly cute!
The Incognito Cowl from has turned out to be a big success . The first one finished up perfect size for Millie and she seems to like it.
I made a slightly larger one for me with some Cashmerino Aran that I found hiding in my enormous stash. I cast on 80 stitches - next time I would probably cut that to about 72 as one doesn't want one's disguise slipping.
Searching through the enormous stash I came across the huge bag of Jaeger Fur that was once a grizzly bear costume - well , actually, it was really a coat that just didn't work and got frogged. I knitted two lovely snuggly keyhole scarves in record time. Considering making a big fur hat to go with them. Maybe all that fur was good buy after all.
Speaking of fur...
We promised Millie a puppy a while ago and have been looking around for the perfect addition to the family. Today we went to see this totally adorable little Yorkie. He is just 6 weeks old and not quite ready to leave his Mum yet - but when he is, he is coming home with us!!! Can't wait.
I was excited to receive my copy of the amazing Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies earlier this week. I have been looking forward to this for ages - it is just so much fun. I had to start a Cupcake Scarf immediately. I am using a cheap acrylic from the market for the cake bases and some chunky Sirdar Snowflake for the yummy fluffy icing. These little cakes are flying off the hook! I am not looking forward to all the sewing up but am keen to see the finished scarf.

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