Thursday, July 04, 2013

Scarves and Sunhats

Still no sign of Summer arriving, although we are promised hotter, sunnier weather in the next few days.  I am ready with a crochet sunhat...

The Ewa hat is one of my favourite hat patterns of all time.  It is simple but turns out a beautifully shaped hat every time. The simple design is also crying out to be embellished with some sort of amazing crochet flower. For the hat, I used RYC Cotton Silk and for the flower Katia Degrade. I have made this design many times now and it never fails me.

I recently took part in the Summer Song Shawl Knitalong hosted by Tinyknitter on Ravelry.  I chose Rico Creative Designs Reflection for my shawl and used 4mm needles.  For the smallest size shawl, I used about one and a quarter balls. I do love the finished shawlette but if I made another would use larger needles for greater drape and stronger coloured beads for greater contrasted. The beads were added as I went along using a very tiny crochet hook. It only took a few days knitting to finish this one and it is lovely to see the other versions that are now appearing on Ravelry.
I had to block the shawl well to open out the lace and get the lovely pointed edges.  The blocking also increased the size of the shawl quite a bit - I was worried it was going to be too small when I was knitting it. Turned out really pretty.

Here's a scarf that I started ages ago.

It is the "Just A Whisper" scarf  that I previously made in a bright green sequined mohair from Ice Yarn. At last, the lovely ball of Kidsilk Haze Stripe has been knitted up into something very wearable. Using extra large needles makes one 50g ball go a very long way and still produces a soft , fluffy, warm fabric. I had quite a bit left over - maybe as much as a third of the ball.
Happy knitting!


Gillian said...

Lizzy - a blog post filled with gorgeousness. You are SO talented :)

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