Sunday, September 03, 2006

On Saturday morning my final parcel from my One Skein Secret Pal arrived. The wonderful Hazel sent me a brilliant pair of fingerless gloves - the pattern is Fetching from Knitty. They are totally gorgeous and go really well with the scarf that I knitted with the skein of Feza Premier that she sent me last month. She is a talented lady and also makes jewellry - as I have discovered from reading her blog . She also included a beautiful beaded pin that will make a perfect fastening for my crochet One Button Bolero. It is also nice to know that my downstream pal really liked the stuff that I sent her. The whole exchange has been a lot of fun.

I frogged the too small sleeves of the Sweetpea Cardigan and made them again with a larger hook. This time they fit the armholes - yay ! I'm going to try and finish this one during the coming week. That would be if I don't get caught up with my new spinning wheel. Spinning -I love it ! It really only took a few minutes of fiddling around to work out what to do and I am feeling quite pleased with myself. Now it is a case of practise, practise, and more practise to get a really good even yarn. My very first efforts have converted this pile of Masham fleece into a spindle of yarn. It's a bit lumpy but on the whole I am really proud of it. There is enough fleece left to fill another spindle so I will probably make a chunkyish plyed yarn with it. There should be enough to make something like a hat. I want to make myself something out of my very first handspun yarn.

I managed to restrain myself from purchasing any more expensive yarn this week but did pick up this bag of lovely 100% wool 4 ply from a charity shop for £1.49. How could I pass up such a bargain ? There should be enough for a couple of pairs of socks or maybe a scarf. I also bought a couple of pattern magazines from Interweave Knits which are full of amazing patterns that I will probably never have time to make. I will very much enjoy thinking about making them though.


RooKnits said...

I saw the fingerless gloves on Hazel's blog and was thinking what a lucky One Skein pal she had.... how spooky that it is you, my spoiler. Glad you have received such a fab present too.

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