Sunday, October 29, 2006

Second post for Sunday

Miss Millie went to a Halloween party this afternoon and looked so cute in her outfit that I had to take pictures. If I'd had more time I would have made the outfit myself - but you know how it is... We did find time to make the pumpkin lantern this afternoon before she went partying.

My thoughts have turned to sewing lately as I wonder if I will have time to knit all the Christmas gifts that I'd like to. Sewing gifts may be a quicker alternative. I recently purchased a couple of books from Amazon with this thought in mind. They arrived yesterday and here they are along with the copy of Knit Today magazine that I purchased in town. There are lots of good ideas in these books and I shall be having a rummage through my fabric stash this week. The sewing machine has been very neglected since I rediscovered my love of knitting. There are at least two quilts that need finishing in my craft cupboard

Blogger was playing up badly this morning and wouldn't let me uplaod all the photos that I wanted to share. So here is the planned pink and fluffy project for Millie...
And here is another pic of my gorgeous girl...


Brown Pants said...

Hahaha, sewing isn't faster for me! I spend more time unpicking than it would take me to knit a sock. And I don't know how to knit socks!

KnitYoga said...

Oh, Millie looks so cute in her Hallowe'en costume!

Anonymous said...

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