Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tea Cosy Crazy

It has been a long time since I posted on my poor neglected blog.  I have , of course, still been knitting, crocheting and crafting at my usual rate. I have also been doing quite a lot of sewing lately and have finally grown to love my overlocker.
Anyway, I have become just a bit obsessed with tea cosies over the last month and have been making at least one a day.  I find these projects are just the right size to be achievable in one day and also to try out a variety of new stitches and techniques. It is not easy to find tea cosies in the shops and it is hard to beat a beautiful handmade one.
My obsession started when I finally got around to making up this lovely sheep tea cosy kit that I bought from Woolly Chic a couple of years ago.
He is just adorable and keeps the teapot very warm.  The loopy crochet was fun to do and I think he has real character.  I am thinking to make another one using black yarn - or maybe a whole flock.
After this successful project I started looking up patterns for more cosies and found plenty online and in old magazines. I also bought "The Big Book of Tea Cosies" from Amazon and feel inclined to knit every single pattern as they are all such interesting designs.
This simple granny crochet design is fast becoming one of my favourites.  It is so simple but looks very effective in any number of colours.  also, it's a great pattern for using up scraps of yarn.
 This, one is a basic knitted rib cosy.  The fun part is topping it with a whole load of knitted flowers and leaves.
 The cherries add a nice to touch to this seeded rib cosy.  I gave this one to a friend for her birthday recently.  Planning to make some more like this.
 The traditional ruched cosy is really good for keeping the pot warm as it makes for a very thick fabric. Never hurts to stick a pompom on top of a tea cosy!
 More flowers on top...
 This little number has cables and is gathered in at the top with an i-cord drawstring trimmed with pompoms.
 Cosy tweedy cables...
 This one is a bit of a hoot!
This is just a selection of the tea cosies that I have made so far.  I think there are going to be plenty more and will try to post more regularly.

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