Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hats !

Well, I had that fabulous skein of hand painted Silkwood yarn made into a hat the same day it arrived ! It was a joy to knit with and a rather nice finished item. Shame that I won't be able to wear it for a while. Next Winter I will be ready with best collection of hats, scarves and socks ever. In the mood for another hat, I set about making the Yeehaw Lady from Happy Hooker. I used Lion Brand Cotton as recommended in the pattern.
It is supposed to look like a cowboy hat but has turned out a bit large and floppy. Firstly , I think that my gauge was out - I should have gone down at least one hook size to get a firmer fabric. Secondly, I think I need thicker wire because the brim isn't holding it's shape. The shape might improve with a bit of blocking. Even if it doesn't, I quite like the hat and may try the pattern again. After two fairly successful finished items in two days I felt able to pick up one of the ongoing projects - the cotton tape top. There is only the tie belt thing to finish now.