Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cupcake and a UFO

The Cupcake top from Happy Hooker is now finished and blocking - it looks pretty good. The only problem could be that the fabric seems quite holey as I had to really tweak it out to size to make it fit properly. I suppose it will be ok with a small top underneath, just a little too warm maybe. It needs a ribbon and amazingly there is nothing suitable in my stash so it will probably get finished next week.
I enjoyed making this - it is the first garment I've crocheted. It has given me the confidence to have a go at another larger crochet project. The yarn for the Colorwaves Topper in Interweave Knits has been waiting in my stash for some time now. I also managed to complete a small beanie hat this afternoon using some Red Heart Super Saver that I bought from a seller on Ebay. It is a really effective camouflage colour yarn and I like it a lot considering it is 100% acrylic. This stuff comes in huge balls and I have 2 .5 left so I am trying to think what to make with rest of it

This evening I decided to try and finish a UFO that has been hanging around for months. The Wrap Sweater with Eyelets from Rebecca magazine 29 in GGH Soft Kid. This is a really cute top and I almost finished it before getting distracted. The back, sleeves and half of the left front are already complete so it shouldn't take long.

I also got a delivery from Get Knitted this week - a gorgeous pattern for a felted evening bag and some Cascade 220 to knit it with. Can't wait to start this one .


Kuka said...

Congratulations on having the will-power to pick-up a UFO! I am soo bad at that - i love starting new projects =)
The cupcake is gorgeous too =D

The Bear said...

Wow I haven't looked in so long think Im jelous because you are so good and I cant get my pictures on there but the things you are making are amazing I love the garden scarf and the newest update is lovely does it fit you or are you looking for someone it may fit?
MeMeMe Look forward you your next entry.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, you've been so productive! I really love your top, it looks so pretty - crocheted tops are just perfect for summers (if ours ever get warmer again, that is), and you did such a fantastic job with it!
The Wrap Sweater from Rebecca Nr. 29 has been on my "Have to do" list for so long, I just never got around to making it, so I'm really curious to see your progress on it! So far it looks gorgeous!
Dipsy D.