Monday, June 19, 2006

Thank You Secret Pal !

This fabulous parcel arrived this morning from my One Skein Secret Pal. It is the most beautiful skein of handpainted wool from Silkwood Yarns in shades of purple ( my very favourite colour !) I have often lusted after Silkwood yarns at craft fairs and whilst browsing their website but never actually bought any. I think this may have been because all their yarn is so wonderful that I was unable to come to a decision. So this was a perfect choice for me - I absolutely love it. With the skein were a simple hat pattern, two lovely heart shaped handmade soaps, a lavender bath bomb and a beautifully written card. The lavender made the yarn smell wonderful. Thank you so much Secret Pal - you really brightened my day.
The knitting has not gone so well this last week . I finished the Razer Cami last night and the straps are awful. I know that I should have tried it on and checked the positioning before I attached the straps and sewed the ends in but I just followed the pattern and assumed it would be OK. It was not ! The straps will have to be frogged - they are just too far apart at the front.
I am thinking of using i-cord ties at the shoulders instead of the sparkly straps. The length would be adjustable and I think it would be more comfortable to wear. It would also be an excuse to use my new gadget...
Yes, it's a knitting mill for making i-cord ! This should save loads of time when making bag handles , straps, etc. Looks quite fun too, so I expect that little Miss Millie will want to help. I tried really hard to resist buying more yarn this week but saw this really cheap fun fur in our local branch of Poundland. At £1 a ball I couldn't help myself. I'm not sure about the quality but it will probably make a fun scarf. What I really liked about it was the colours.


The Bear said...

wow That does look like fun, where did you purchase it from and how does it work?

I have fallen in love with the silvery top you are making, keep up the good knitting!

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