Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scarves, bags and tops

Well, here are the pictures of my holiday knitting. I can't believe that I made so much. The Colinette Giotto drop stitch scarf is just lovely and so simple.I am considering using the last 2 skeins of Giotto in my stash to make a larger wrap sized version of this. The Colinette Fandango boa is a very satisfying knit and looks far nicer than similar items that I've seen for sale in the shops. This yarn is available in loads of awesome colourways, so I could see myself making a few more of these.

It was a bit disappointing to run out of yarn for the Giotto top but I think I will order more and finish it. I toyed with the idea of frogging it but then decided it was quite wearable and I love the colours.

The next two projects are crochet from Hapy Hooker. First, the Fat Bottomed Bag which needs handles and a trim. I enjoyed crocheting this - it was fast and easy and turned out pretty good.

This is my third version of the Garden Scarf and probably my favourite. For the other two I stuck with the same sort of colours used in the book. This time I used about one and a half balls of Noro Silk Garden and really love the effect.


RooKnits said...

ooh. I've made the fat bottomed bag too and thought it was cool. I love the Noro scarf, think I might have to try that too.

Michelle said...

I tried to see the images of the Noro Silk Garden Garden Scarf on Craftster, but the images wouldn't show. I got nosey around your blog and I'm sure glad I did! You make some fantastic stuff!

You've inspired me to try the Garden Scarf with some Silk Garden. I tried making a Fat-Bottom Bag, but it keeps coming out too small. Grr...

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