Sunday, July 30, 2006

We just arrived home this afternoon from a fabulous holiday in the Lake District. The weather was amazing and we just had the best time. We rented a flat in an old mill house in Kirby Lonsdale for the week. Despite going out every day I managed to do loads of knitting and crochet as we spent most evenings enjoying the view and the cooler evening air whilst sitting in the beautiful gardens. Little Millie had a great time... swimming in the river, playing in the garden and chasing sheep across the Dales.

I like to see this as an early interest in wool ! The DH and I had a really relaxing time too...He is convinced that I have a serious "knitting problem". Ha Ha ! As if ! He actually thought that I should put the needles down and relax. There is a complete failure to understand that the knitting is the most relaxing thing on earth. I had taken several small projects with me rather than one big one for a bit of variety. Over the week I managed to complete 3 scarves, a bag and almost all of a sleeveless top. I ran out of yarn towards the end of the top or that would have been finished too. First off the needles was a drop stitch scarf made from Colinette Giotto. It was just one skein so I cut the fringe before I started and then kept knitting until I ran out. The finished scarf drapes really well so I am quite pleased with it. Next was another Colinette Fandango boa which I plan to send to my One Skein Secret Pal - it is really soft and fluffy. I almost finished a sleeveless top in Giotto but ran out of yarn just before the end. After this I got out my crochet hooks and made a Fat Bottomed Bag and a Garden Scarf - both projects are from Happy Hooker. Blogger is being really slow at the moment so the knit pictures will have to wait until my next post.

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