Monday, August 21, 2006

A good week for FOs...Part two !

Here are the pics of the scrap scarf. It is quite spectacular in person and I am not sure that I will wear it out - but I think I know someone who could carry it off well. It is a bit hippy looking. Not that I mind looking a bit like an old hippy. I just think it may be more of a young hippy
thing. Anyway it looks very decorative draped over the mirror in my room. I whipped up a One Skein Scarf and matching beanie for someone I work with. It took just under a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in camouflage colours. I don't usually like acrylic yarn but this stuff is actually quite nice. It's thick and soft and comes in good colours. It also is cheap and goes a really long way

My really exciting news this week is that I have finally taken the plunge and invested in a spinning wheel. I bought an Ashford Traveller from a lovely lady that sells on Ebay and through her website called The Alpaca Spinner. Linzi was very helpful and always willing to give advice and encouragement. I really got the feeling that she loves spinning and is happy to share her enthusiasm. She also sent some fabulous alpaca fibres for me to try out on the wheel as well as some more unusual stuff like soy fibre and silk. I have to assemble the wheel myself and have only had time to do about half of it. I hope to get a chance to try spinning by the weekend.Blogger is still not letting me post as many pictures as I would like so I will have to try again later with my Feza Premier scarf and progress on the Sweet Pea Cardigan for Millie. Altogether this last week has been very productive.

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ra said...

oooh fab. Hope you get on well with your wheel. Linzi is great, my sister and i went to The Alpacca Spinner just after she got her wheel on ebay and we were there ages Linzi is soooo enthusiastic and helpful.