Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finished Cate

Well , I managed to finished Cate. It was a very quick and enjoyable knit and I loved the feel of the yarn. However, sewing it up was another matter. The Giotto is quite slippery and it is hard to weave in the ends neatly. The seams feel really bulky which I don't like.
Another problem with it was the colour pooling. I knitted with two skeins but seem to have selected two lighter skeins followed by two darker skeins. The back and right front are noticably darker than the rest of it. In future I will examine the skeins more closely in natural light before I start. I think that it just about works despite these minor problems and I really like the style. I'm going to block it gently before I post a modelled shot of it. I have some more Giotto which I plan to make a vest top out of.
I cast on for the Green Gables top last night and am loving the Cotton Fleece yarn - it is so soft. It's a really easy pattern and I love this knitting in the round. Sewing up is my least favourite part of a project so I am now looking for patterns that need very little finishing. After this, I will be casting on for the beautiful lacy jacket by White Lies Designs.

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The Bear said...

Wow that cardigan is amazing I love it where did you get the pattern from?
Its truely lovely. can't wait for your next finished item.