Saturday, April 08, 2006

UFO Attack !

No progress on the socks. Somehow, vowing to finish them soon has put me right off sock knitting. Strange that ! However I did feel inspired to search through my pile of UFO's for items that could be finished quickly. I excelled myself yesterday and managed to finish and sew up two items that had been lurking in my big knitting bag for some time. Firstly, the Kemp bag from Simply Noro. I had knitted this bag last year and never got around to sewing it up or knitting the rosette for the front. So, yesterday I did it and it only took about an hour and a half. I ended up with this fabulous bag.

I lined the bag to make it a bit sturdier. It doesn't say to do this in the pattern but it felt a bit flimsy. I can see myself using this bag a lot. It's great ! Love the size, shape, texture, and colour.

The Pattern calls for 200g of Noro Blossom. I only broke into the last skein for the decorative rosette, so could have got away with just 3 skeins if I'd made a different flower. Noro yarns are expensive, so if I make another of these I would probably do that. There should be enough from the last skein to make a small hat or some hand warmers. Noro Blossom is a lovely yarn and would be great for a sweater. I love the way that the colours blend into each other and the texture is interesting yet still very soft.

The second finished item was a hat that I made from a kit purchased from Miss Bell. It's a beautiful handspun variegated yarn and is just so soft. The kit had two different patterns for a beanie hat and I made the one with the small ribbed cuff. This knitted up in an evening and has been waiting for weeks to get sewn up. I like the hat and it is really comfy. There is a little yarn left so I am toying with the idea of a pompom for the top or a rosette for the side. Can't decide which so might make both and try them out.

I still managed to find time to attach the sleeve to my Hourglass Sweater and do a little work on the yoke. It's looking good - I have high hopes of this sweater. The pattern is so simple that you can just get on with it while watching television. Knitting in the round is brilliant. There will be no waiting for this one to get sewn up. Although you do need to sew down the hems around the bottom , sleeves and neck. Anyway, I hope to be wearing this in a couple of days. Then I really must finish at least one pair of those socks....

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