Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The importance of getting gauge...

At last I've finished the Cork jacket - the bad news is that it is much too big for me. I don't know what happened as I checked my gauge when I started and it seemed ok. I guess that I must have relaxed a bit as work progressed and the jacket has relaxed with me ! I'm also not sure that the colour is right for me. I must admit that I would never have chosen this colour if it hadn't been on sale. The pattern is Maggie by Kim Hargreaves from the Rowan Cork Collection. I used Rowan Cork in the Gleam clourway and knitted it on 8mm needles. I probably should have used 7mm needles. The knitted fabric does feel very loose. Despite being a bit disappointed all round with this one, I think it would look pretty good on someone a bit taller and wider than me with longer arms. It will doubtless be donated to just such a person ! In my stash I have two more packs of Cork, in Bug which is a bright green colour, also purchased at a bargain price. I shall be choosing my pattern and checking my gauge very carefully for any future projects using this yarn.

The second disaster of the day has been the crocheted Unseamly Sweater. I had high hopes of this but when I tried on the completed body section it was a bit snug and completely unflattering. I couldn't bear the thought of wasting all that lovely Rowan Calmer so I frogged it. The yarn is now wound into a big ball and waiting for a suitable pattern to inspire me. I think that there will be enough to make a small bolero or shrug. The crochet wasn't a complete waste of time as I learnt quite a bit from it. I think I may attempt another garment soon. This one wasn't so much a gauge problem as the wrong choice of size and style. I can't seem to help seeing myself as bigger than I really am and knitting everything a size too large - definitely need to address this problem. The last garment that I made far too big was the wonderful Rogue sweater . I still wear it a lot and love it but it is undeniably baggy on me. This was a an amazing pattern which I really enjoyed knitting and plan to make again in a smaller size some time.

The yarn I used for the Rogue was not the greatest quality ( another bargain ! ) and has gone a bit fuzzy. In the future I would probably make this about two sizes smaller and buy the best quality wool that I can afford. The pattern is really awesome. I particularly love the way that the hood is shaped. When worn it lies in such a way that the cables show to best advantage. The body shaping doesn't really show on my effort as it is so baggy.

Yesterdays discouraging events have sent me back to my Hourglass Sweater and I have finished the first sleeve and started the second. Lets hope that this turns out to be the wonderful, wearable sweater that it is promising to be. I am also thinking of casting on another small project, such as the small felted clutch bag from One Skein, as I feel the need for a successful finished object really soon.

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